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What is North South?

We're passionate about delivering clean clothes that smell good.  We pride ourselves on creating an authentic, branded experience through quality control, unmatched customer service, and efficient technology.  Every consumer touchpoint is thoughtfully designed.  And we never outsource.

How does it work?

Our clients use our app to request a pickup.  You can request a pickup anytime during the day.  The cutoff to place an order is 10 PM.  We pickup throughout the night and day to return your clean items the following evening. 

When do I get my clothes back?

All laundry & dry cleaning is returned the following night.  Some items like bedding and comforters can take an extra day, but we'll always let you know in advance. 

Our service?

By focusing on our customers, we are able to keep our promise of delivering only the best possible service to you while remaining efficient, reliable, and simple. 

I downloaded the app, now what?

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you could Request A Booking by selecting “Register” then “Request Service”.  Please be sure to fill out all the fields and mark whether you live in a 24-hour accessible building or not.  

Why do I have to live in a 24 hour accessible building?

We pickup and deliver throughout the day and night, sometimes into the wee hours.  During that time we prefer not to bother our customers, which is why we simply take care of their items through their prefered method of pick-up and delivery. 

I don’t have a 24 Hour accessible building, can I just give you keys to my building?

Please contact us directly at

What's the wash and fold pricing?

Wash & Fold is $2.00 per kg.

There's a $30 minimum charge

What is a typical order size?

  • individual - 5-10kgs/week est. $16-32/week
  • couple - 10-20kgs/week est. $26-43/week
  • family - 12-25kgs/week est. $30-50/week

Do you offer dry cleaning?

Yes! We offer Dry Cleaning service.  Each item begins at $3.25 per piece

  • $3.25 Dress Shirt (W&P)
  • $7.50 Blouse, Tie, Vest
  • $7.99 Pants, Skirt, Sweater
  • $8.99 Suit Jacket
  • $16.99 Suit, Dress

Do you wash & press?

Yes - men's shirts only.

For items that require extra care, please contact us directly at

How do you handle special care items? (Items that need to be hand washed, stain removal, hang dried, etc)

For items that require extra care, please contact us directly at with your instructions.  You could also submit special requests through our app, by selecting “Contact” from the Menu.

What areas are you servicing?

We are serving all of Auckland from North South to East West. 

I have more questions!

Feel free to contact us directly with any other questions or concerns at